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Osteoporosis Medications and Oral Health
Tooth Whitening: What You Should Know
Fluoride: Natures Tooth Decay Fighter
Kicking the Nicotine Habit
Dental Sealants: Preventing and Halting Decay
Gingival Recession: Causes and Treatment
A Look at Toothbrushes
Thumb Sucking and Pacifier Use
Oral Moisturizers: Products That Can Help Relieve Dry Mouth
Antibiotics and Your Heart: New Guidelines from the American Heart Association
Osteoporosis Medications and the Risk of Developing Jaw Complications
Braces: Straighter Teeth Can Improve Oral Health
Fluoride Treatments in the Dental Office
Tobacco-Use Cessation: Resources to Help You Quit
Infants, Formula and Fluoride
Protecting Teeth with Mouthguards
Digital Radiographs: Imaging Technology for the Dental Office
Dental Radiographs: A Diagnostic Tool
Dietary Guidelines for Americans and MyPyramid
Grills, ‘Grillz’ and Fronts
Bisphosphonate Medications and Your Oral Health
Dental Care While Traveling
Surfing for Substance: Evaluating Oral Health Information on the Internet
Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body
Toothbrush Care, Cleaning and Replacement
Tooth Eruption: The Permanent Teeth
Methamphetamine Use and Oral Health
Your Dental Benefits: What You Should Know
Burning Mouth Syndrome
When a Filling Needs to be Replaced
How Medications Can Affect Your Oral Health
Dealing with Dry Mouth
Do You Grind Your Teeth?
Canker Sores and Cold Sores
Dental Implants: An Option for Replacing Missing Teeth
Treating Periodontal Diseases
Missing a Tooth?
Back-to-School Checkup
The Importance of Using Mouthguards
Have a Checkup Before Your Travel
Here Comes the Bride… and Her Teeth Are Nice and Bright
From Baby Bottle to Cup: Choose Training Cups Carefully, Use Them Temporarily
Pregnant? Tips for Keeping Your Smile Healthy
Sensitive Teeth: Causes and Treatment
Dental Insurance: What You Should Know
The Facts About Bottled Water
Improving Your Smile with Dental Veneers
Kicking the Habit: Keeping Your Smile Healthy
Do You Have a Cracked Tooth?
Does Your Filling Need Replacing?
Treating Periodontal Disease: Scaling and Root Planing
What You Should Know about Bad Breath
Eating Habits That Can Harm Teeth
Buying Oral Care Products
Do You Have Dry Mouth?
Diabetes and Oral Health
Tooth-Colored Fillings
Oral Care for Cancer Patients
Diet and Tooth Decay
Baby’s First Teeth
Preventing Periodontal Disease
Do You Need a Mouthguard?
Anesthesia for the Dental Visit
Root Canal Treatments
Oral Piercing and Health
Dental Implants: A Treatment Option for Replacing Lost Teeth
Oral Cancer: How to Protect Yourself
Basic Oral Health Care


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